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UFH (Underfloor Heating)

 UFH : Underfloor Heating Mat Kits 160 w/m sq. 

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wetroom with underfloor heating

Self adhesive mat with digital thermostat. Ideal for tiled floors in wet rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, porches and conservatories.
Cable is twin conductor sheathed for safety & may be run into shower area.
Maximum performance is achieved with a high level of floor insulation to prevent heat migrating downwards: Marmox insulated backer board is available in thicknesses of 4, 6,10,12.5,20,30,40 or 50mm to improve warm-up times and reduce heat loss. See below.
The digital stat is a 7 day timer with 2 on/off settings per day.
Life of tiling warranty.

KIT INCLUDES:- Sheathed 3mm cable mat, digital thermostat, instructions, floor sensor. ISO 9001 and UDE approved.

ufh mat

digital thermostat

width of Mat 500mm

Mat Area (m²)Mat Length (mt)Price incl VATOrdering Code
1.02112.46TPSM 150
1.53117.90TPSM 225
2.04127.60TPSM 300
2.55136TPSM 375
3.06145.20TPSM 450
3.57160TPSM 500
4.08175TPSM 600
5.010202.30TPSM 750
6.012223.50TPSM 900
7.014247.20TPSM 1050
8.016259.50TPSM 1200
10.020286.17TPSM 1500
11.022420.85TPSM 1650
12.024439.30TPSM 1800

Mainland Carriage 10 if ordered singly
Offshore Carriage 30


What size kit should I order for a bathroom?

Select a kit to cover 85% of the total floor area.
A typical British bathroom is 2.5 mt x 1.8 mt (see drawing). Allow a clear 100mm border on visible floor area (i.e. excluding bath).

Room size 2.5m x 1.8m4.50 m²
Deduct 100 mm perimeter strip0.76 m²
Deduct sanitary ware1.50 m²
AREA =    2.24 m²   therefore order TPSM 300 (2m² kit)

Note: A bath, w.c. and basin occupy 1.5m² of floor area.

What sized kit should I order for other rooms?

Allow a clear 150mm border around the room and deduct it from the room area. This is the size to order. If you thenfind there is too much cable simply cut several sections from the mat and run some long length of cable along the outer borders.

Room size 3m x 3m9.0 m²
150mm x 12 mt wall length1.8 m²
AREA =    7.2 m²   therefore order TPSM 1050 (2m² kit)

Will floor level be raised?

Yes, by 3mm for the mat. On tiled floors add 3-4mm for tile adhesive plus the tile thickness.

Will the heat cause tile-cracking from movement of the substrate?

Tile-cracking can occur on concrete as well as timber. It is important to de-couple the tiling from the substrate. To do this apply either insulated Tile Backer Board, MAXO membrane or Homelux membrane. All available from stock.

What electrical connection is needed?

A fused spur from the ring main or use the lighting circuit or extractor fan circuit. The thermostat is placed on a wall low down or high. In a bathroom or wetroom place it outside the room.

What kind of adhesive is used?

The mat is self adhesive.

What is the warm up time from cold

On tile backer board (insulated)15-25 minutes
On timber (no tbb)30-55 minutes
On uninsulated concrete2-5 hours
On insulated concrete2-3 hours

Any final tips?

Apply the flexible tile adhesive with a rubber-backed trowel parallel to the cables (i.e. not dragging adhesive across cables): this will minimise damage. Avoid walking on any cables - cover with cardboard, mdf or chipboard. Test the system before tiling. Alternatively use latex screen to cover mat prior to tiling.

 Mirror Demisters 

For permanent mist-free mirrors. Just fix to the back of the mirror with the self adhesive pad and connect to the lighting or extractor circuit.

252 x 27437
574 x 27447
519 x 52455
812 x 52458


For insulation beneath laminate floors 1000 x 700


 Insulated Tile Backer Board 

4mm, 6mm, 10mm, 12.5mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm

Not just ordinary styrofoam - the polymer faces prevent warping and discoloration with heat. Ideal for walls and floors. On concrete fix with ordinary tile adhesive. On timber fix with flexible tile adhesive. Or use screws into our 50mm Fixing Washers

See Order Form for pricing.

 UFH Fitting Instructions 

  • UFH on concrete (new build):

    Wet system assuming the insulation layer is below the top screed, water pipes are embedded into the screed layer.

    Electric System (cable) cables are embedded into flexible tile adhesive over a membrane of Granfix tanking liquid. There must be a gap of 3 6 mm between membrane and heating cable. If Underlay or Maxxus is being used, do not place cables underneath as it will not allow heat to rise.

    Click for UFH prices. Our UFH suits all wet areas.

  • UFH on concrete (older property):

    Either of the above systems is suitable but extra insulation is strongly advised on older homes. You must use Marmox tile backer board (tbb) as the cement faces give stability and prevent distortion by heat. U values are as follows:


    Tbb is waterproof and forms a sealed membrane when the joints are sealed with FLEX tape (see Order Form); no extra tanking is required if tbb also used on walls.

  • UFH on timber:

    The electric UFH will be embedded into flexible tile adhesive. Our UFH is suitable directly below a shower head. Proceed as follows according to the membrane chosen:-

    Marmox tbb the cables can be in direct contact with the tbb in a thin layer of flexible tile adhesive below tiling.

    Granfix or WOP or BSA - All compatible with UFH up to 160w/m sq.