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Tanking Membranes

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Why is a Tanking Membrane needed?

Although all our underlay floor formers are fully waterproof, all the joints and corners are susceptible to leakage. The membrane integrates the walls with the floor to provide a continuous impervious layer.

What is the choice of membranes?

We are the only stockists of all three types . All remain flexible when installed.

 Granfix Tanking Kit 

The word tanking simply means waterproofing.
Granfix is a 2–coat brush or roller-applied paste.

Thickness 0.5mm, compatible with under floor heating (UFH).
Coverage 7mt.sq. for walls & floors of concrete, timber, tile, plasterboard or any tile backer board.

It is the most comprehensive kit available, including:

Granfix Tanking Kit: £79
  • 8k Granfix
  • 10mts flex tape
  • 2 internal corners
  • 1 litre primer
  • 75mm brush

  • Enhanced Kit: Above comes with Flex Mat to seal monobloc drain into a sloping concrete floor (see product page)

    Granfix Tanking Kit

    Cross-section Maxxus with Tiling finish

    Cross-section Maxxus with Vinyl finish

     WOP or Homelux 

    A polyethylene sheet membrane 1000mm wide for walls & floors.

  • Bonded with flexible tile adhesive, joints overlapped & sealed with same.
  • Pre-formed internal/external corner pieces available.
  • Crack-bridging facility enhances its use as a versatile tile backer board on a roll.
  • Thickness 0.15mm. Also available as 0.23mm floor version with de-coupling fleece to prevent tile cracking.

    Always use bag-powder ( cementitious) flexible tile adhesive.

  • WOP
    Stonefix Tile Adhesive 
  • Flexible White Rapid-Set 20K

    Stonefix Tile Adhesive

  •  BSA 

    A bitumen self adhesive membrane 1000mm wide for walls and floors from Germany, 12 year history, thickness 2mm.

  • Comes with unique adhesive edge band for faster overlap joints
  • Improved joint/sealer & gap filler for stronger joint bond
  • Rubber roller for faster more secure application
  • 15 metres of joint tape
  • 2 corner fillet pieces for bridging gaps in internal corners

  • Often used for floors only, lapped up wall 100mm then applied with Granfix overlapping on walls up to 2 metres high.

    Maximum tile load is 20k/metre sq. (inc. adhesive & grout):
    Effectively 10mm tile thickness is the limit.

    Supplied with:

  • Roll of membrane 1000mm wide
  • 10 mt Joint tape
  • 1 Cartridge Joint Sealant
  • Corners
  • 1 litre Primer
  • 1 Rubber application roller
  • Instructions

    10mt sq kit: £234
    5mt sq kit: £154
  • BSA Membrane