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 Plastic Ply 

For use with any floor former or any drain used on its own.

  • Decouples tiling from timber substrate helping prevent tile cracking
  • Levels off a floor where Maxxus deck (22mm thick) abuts 18mm boards or plywood
  • Eliminates over-boarding with plywood
  • Suitable for smooth concrete or timber
A revolutionary solution for fixing tiles to timber or plywood floors.Preventing problems of tile damage by reducing the effects of timber shrinkage, warping and rotting.
Easy to cut and install with a self-adhesive backing.

1.2m sq pack (4 sheets 600 x 500mm)
Thickness 2mm mesh

Instructions for Use

A - Basic Method of Decoupling Only

  • Peel off the backing paper
  • Apply to a timber, plywood or concrete floor in a "brick" pattern with staggered joints. Use scissors, side-cutter or sharp knife to cuts sheets to size
  • Apply tile adhesive into mesh to a depth of 8-10mm and comb through with a 6mm notched trowel over a small area. Firmly press tile into place.
Plastic Ply
B - Wetroom method using Granfix and/or electric UFH
  • Peel off the backing paper
  • Apply to a timber, plywood or concrete floor in a "brick" pattern with staggered joints. Use scissors, side-cutter or sharp knife to cuts sheets to size
  • Brush Granfix over walls and floor
  • If using UFH apply the cable now. Seal the cables by pouring over a latex screed or carefully laying 3mm tile adhesive. Wait to dry
  • Apply tile adhesive into mesh to a depth of 8-10mm and comb through with a 6mm notched trowel over a small area. Take a tile and butter the reverse with a solid bed of adhesive. Firmly press the tile into place - this is the solid-bed method. It eliminates channels and cavities that may cause tracking of water. Continue tiling.
Use a bag powder flexible tile adhesive
In non-wetroom areas it is not necessary to butter rear of tile as the channels within the adhesive will not be detrimental to water tracking.

 MX Stone Resin Shower Trays 

Click here for details of MX Stone Resin Shower Trays 25mm and 45mm.

 Underlay (Sloping Wet Floor) Deck 

The Underlay is the sloping floor that defines the "wet area" and allows water to run into the special drain. The drain and pipe reducer are both included.

There are two types:
The cheapest is the Underlay with an EPS foam core, 20mm thick. It needs to be supported with plywood between the joists.
The Maxxus is a 22mm thick structured Underlay that will span joists on its own, unsupported.

Both provide a level access floor without a step

Both are available in squares or rectangles with offset drain holes to allow the location of the waste pipe between floor joists. They can be rotated to suit the location, and trimmed by 60mm off each edge, or even notched to fit around obstructions (e.g., boxed-in soil pipe). They are easy to fit into a concrete of timber floor.



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Our entry level products, still a best seller.EPS foam core with polymer cement faces reinforced with glassified mesh.

Supplied with Dallmer drain pictured below, horizontal or vertical outlet.
20mm thick but 1500 length is 24mm and 1850 length is 27mm thick.

Underlay 800x800 Underlay 1200x900 Underlay 900x900 EXCLUSIVE NEW PRODUCT

30mm UNDERLAY with END DRAIN - 1950 x 950

Underlay End Drain
Underlay End Drain
  • A new wetfloor base with an unusual combination of length and width
  • Unusual drain location puts stainless grid well away from standing area
  • Can be trimmed to size
  • For tiling only (minimum 25 x 25mm)
Underlay 1300x800 Underlay 1000x1000 Underlay 1500x800
Underlay 1200x1200 Underlay 1850x900 Underlay 1500x1500
Underlay 1500x1050 Underlay 1500x1050
 Dallmer Drain 

50mm outlet c/w reducer to 40mm.

 McAlpine Tile-in Drain 

Versatile monobloc floor drain with swivel outlet for horizontal or vertical outlet pipe.

Two gratings in one!
Polished steel top or invert it to make a tile-in trough similar to the Purusline channel drain.

McAlpine Drain with Tile
Drain shown with tile top
McAlpine Drain with Steel top
Drain shown with steel top

c/w adjustable height support legs (75-155mm) for concrete or simply screw through the frame into joists.

  • Tile frame size 150 x 150mm
  • Frame ht. adjusts for tiles up to 16mm thick
  • Overall ht. with tile 100mm
  • Flows 34 litres per minute
  • 40mm outlet
 Designer Grids 

Designer Grids - 316 grade stainless steel polished finish will not harbour grime and algae unlike brushed finish.
Compatible with Underlay and Maxxus

*Special Offer £37 each*

 Maxxus Wetfloor Former 

Click for Maxxus-in-a-Box full kit package

Fast 1 hour installation as no underboarding required

Maxxus wetfloor former is designed to facilitate level-access showering in timber or concrete. It relieves floor space permitting greater access, mobility, freedom and lighter more open and contemporary ambience.

Minimax Two Part Drain

Minimax 2 part drain permits easy waste pipe connection (40mm solvent weld) into drain body. Maxxus is lowered over the top and screwed around the perimeter into joists or concrete.
Upper drain section is then located and screwed into place.
Projects 77mm below Maxxus deck.

Minimax patented drain - the world's shallowest (69mm) drain incorporating a trap, the unique NOOD (no odour) trap without a water seal. 50mm outlet c/w reducer to 40mm.

Click for Minimax installation instructions

Vinyl or Tiled finish with the same Minimax drain.

  • Square stainless steel grating supplied for tiling
  • Circular grate for vinyl can be upgraded to stainless steel

  • Minimax Drain Minimax Drain
    Minimax Drain

  • Flow 47 litres per minute
  • Projection beneath tray only 62mm
  • BBA approved
  • Diameter below bottom of the deck 140mm
  • Projection below bottom of the deck 63mm

  • Maxxus has been tested under static load at 1000mm centres. Super-strong Maxxus made from vacuum formed GRP will comfortably support a sustained load of 75 stone (470 kilos) load over 16" (400mm) joist centres without deflection.

  • Simply rotate to place the drain hole in the ideal position
  • May be trimmed down to any size
  • Totally flat underside for easy fixing
  • Recessed screw holes allow easy fixing

    Maxxus Diagram
  • No release agent to inhibit bonding of adhesives, tanking or membranes
  • Level-access floor - no step
  • 25 year guarentee
  • Needs no underboarding
  • Maxxus and Minimax Maxxus and Minimax

    Minimax Drain Minimax Drain

    MiniMax Grills Tile

    Tile Insert - 128 x 128

    Designer Grids

    Make a new look in your bathroom with a designer grating on the floor gulley.

    Square stainless steel grating supplied for tiling

    Available in 2 patterns and 2 sizes

    155 x 155 & 175 x 175

    Extension Pieces

    Extend your wetfloor in any direction.

  • Graded from 22-27mm
  • Can be reduced by any amount.
  • Extension 300 x 1000

    Maxxus Logo

    Minimax grating
    Vinyl Floor Grating

    Maxxus Wetfloor Former Sizes
    1000 x 1000
    1135 x 700
    1200 x 1200
    1300 x 800
    1400 x 900
    1500 x 800
    1800 x 800
    1450 x 1150

    Maxxus Channel Deck
    Maxxus Channel Includes Purusline and grating.

    Immensely strong 22mm deck spans joists, unsupported.
    Purusline locks into place without support legs used by others.
    Fast 1 hour install, can be reduced in size.
    Gradient runs to the edge without a flat border.
  • For Tiling (vinyl with appropriate Purusline)
  • Length of Purusline 800mm
  • Choice of 8 Gratings
  • New shallow (52mm) Nood gulley optional for minimal intrusion into floor space

  • Click for Wetroom Maxxus Kits package

    Maxxus Channel 1200 x 900 Maxxus Channel 1200 x 1200

    Cross-section Maxxus with Tiling finish

    Cross-section Maxxus with Vinyl finish

     Tanking Liquid Kit 8 kilos 

    Covers 5-7 mt sq.( 2 coats). Finest value kit available.

    Granfix Tanking is the best quality tanking available.
    Suitable for all flat or vertical surfaces made of any material. Simple to use low-cost product for novices and experts alike.
    Compatible with under floor heating and ready for tiling with no further preparation.

    Brush on first coat with 3” brush in one direction.
    Apply Flex Tape (supplied) along all joints , wall/floor join and vertically up internal corners and bed into Granfix with brush.
    Allow to dry overnight or flash off 2hrs then apply second coat at 90 degree .
    Clean tools and brush ,with water.

    Contents: 8k Granfix, 1 litre primer for timber/plasterboard, 10 mt, Flex Tape, 2 Flex corners, 1 Brush.

    Standard Kit £79 Use with Underlay/Walls/Floors

    Enhanced Kit £112 c/w Flex mat to seal monobloc drain into sloping concrete floor.

    Also available separately in 4k bucket.

     Pumped Solution - Dry-Deck 20 

    See FAQs for technical information

    Dry Deck 20 Pump

     Stonefix Tile Adhesive, Flexible White Rapid -Set 20 Kg 

    Conforms to latest spec DIN 12004 & EURO C2FT. Compatible with Timber, Concrete and Under floor Heating.

    Suitable for thin bed or thick bed use on floors or walls internally or externally, even on swimming pools.

    Fixes any Tile , Limestone, Travertine, Marble, Ceramic, Mosaic, Large - format heavy stone.

    Please note: GREY is not suitable for pale natural stone tiles.

    Working time 55mins.
    Coverage 8mm notched trowel 6mt.sq.; 4mm notched trowel 14mt.sq.

     X-Plan - Floor self-levelling compound and falls-former. 

  • Pours directly over timber, chipboard or concrete
  • Pours directly over under floor heating
  • Pour directly over ceramic tiles or paint
  • Builds up from 2-50mm in one pour

    Will self level and dry in 2-4 hours. For sloping floors or falls in wet room simply add less water.

  • USE: X-Plan is extremely versatile. Use outdoors or indoors, even on swimming pools. Will cover uneven concrete, old tiling, painted surfaces or any kind of timber. Can be covered with carpet, tile, vinyl, laminate, parquet or even simply painted.

    SIZE: 25kg bag and 1 litre Primer.

    USAGE: 1.7kg/sq.mtr. For each 1mm of thickness


    TEMPERATURE: 10-18 degrees C optimum. Minimum of 6 degrees C

    MIXING: 4.5 litres of water per 25kg bag if self-levelling. For falls use 3.7-4l per 25kg bag

    HARDENING/TILING: Light traffic after 2.5hrs. Tile after 6-12 hrs

    SAFETY: Contains cements, protects skin and eyes

    HEALTH ADVICE: Irrigate with water & consult a doctor

    PRICE: 25kg bag £23.36
    1-litre Primer (use for all surfaces) covers 20 sq.mtrs. £9.80

     A Range of Products for Cleaning, Sealing and Maintaining Natural Stone Floors 

  • Satin Sealer
  • Matt Sealer
  • Colour Intensifying Sealer
  • Grime Remover
  • Maintenance Liquid
  • 1 litre cans
  • Coverage 15-30 mt sq. 1 coat

  • Please see order form for pricing

     Waterproofing membrane ('Tanking') 

    Compatible with all kinds of UFH. See FAQ's.

     Tile Backer Board (tbb) 

    Marmox Banner

    Made from the same material as Underlay above.

    For walls, floors, bath panels, partitions, bath enclosures, cubicles, vanity units. A versitile building board that insulates and waterproofs. Cut with a knife or score and form into curves.

    No water or humidity absorbtion. A high performance, reinforced insulation board made of waterproof extruded polystyrene that has a fibreglass mesh embedded into a cement polymer mortar on each face. The perfect solution for insulating and waterproofing in one operation. Forms a membrane by using FLEX tape over joints and perimeter edges.

    Marmox certification


    600 x 2600 x 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60mm
    600 x 1300 x 6, 10, 12.5mm

    Perfect for UFH - prevents downward heat loss

    30mm bath panels for tiling. Side only 2100 x 600, Side and end 1770 x 600, 730 x 600


    • High thermal insulation
    • High compression strength compared to similar materials
    • Closed cell structure means no water or humidity absorbtion - waterproof
    • Not affected by freeze/thaw cycle
    • Safe to use - asbestos free
    • CFC and HCFC free
    • Easy to cut with a knife or saw
    • Boards are light enough to be carried and installed by one person
    • Boards fix or bond to any surface
    • Ready to receive plaster or tiles
    • Soundproofing properties
    • 10 year manufacturers warranty


    To suit
    Purus Corner Drain.
    • A floor former with a compound gradient (2 directions) towards the corner of the room
    • Needs supporting on a concrete floor or underboarding with plywood on a joist floor
    • Size 1200 x 1200 x 33 - can be cut down
    • Price £448 including Purus drain (or see order form page)
    • Just add Granfix Kit £79 to complete

     Wedge-Dek for Purus 

    Baseboard solution to achieve wetfloor gradient for water drainage.

    Click onto
    Channel Drains for Purusline drains
    Wedge Dek

    • Use on timber, steel or concrete floors
    • Thickness 19mm rising to 27mm
    • Purus line may be parallel or 90 degrees to joists
    • Includes Purus Line, NOOD and adhesive.
    • Wedge-Dek can be placed back-to-back to make up a larger wetfloor area

    Wedge Dek Slope

    Available in the following sizes:
    Wedge Dek Sizes
    Wedge Dek Side and Top Elevations

     Centre Linear Board 

    Purus, the leading Swedish manufacturer of drainage and plumbing products for wetrooms, has launched a simple to install pre-formed tileable or vinyl covered base for wetroom showers to complement its range of linear wetroom drains.

    The base, known as the Purus Centre Linear Kit, has been designed to provide a waterproof and easy to install wetroom base with a gradient which ensures water will not overflow into the wetroom.

    The base is designed to be fitted with a waterproof membrane and comes with easy installation instructions.

    Purus wetroom drains are available in a variety of horizontal, circular and square formats to meet most wet room requirements. The surface strainer comes in different horizontal lengths. All the drains in the range can remove up to 1.2 litres of water per second.

    Purus floor drains have been designed to meet the exacting requirements for design, functionality and safety and comply with the British Board of Agrément standards. Trends in bathrooms have seen more people installing wetrooms as a contemporary stylish feature.

  • Only 18mm thick.
  • Can be placed on top of existing floorboards or concrete or lowered onto joists, but underboarding between joists required for support.
  • Purus Channel Drain
    Centre Linear Board
    Linear Board


    Universal gradient system suitable for any brand of channel drain.
  • Perfect for timber or concrete floors.
  • Flexible grading compound will trowel off to nothing.
  • MegaDek
    Kit includes 4 tapers 1200mm long graded 9mm to 2mm (can be cut to length), 25k X-Plan Primer with levelling batten.
    Maximum area 2500 x 1330mm.


    The most revolutionary & durable labour saving product available in glass protection, using nano technology.


    Protects for 7 years against the adhesion of limescale deposits & contaminants from soapy water enabling easier cleaning of glass inside or outside.
    Bonds permanently onto ceramic or glass via a strong chemical reaction.
  • Much easier cleaning, sheds dirt, grime & toxing.
  • Preserves long – term transparency
  • Resists chemical attack from soap products & limescale


    Scoop up stray water with this handy chromed tool, or clean the shower/walls.
    Complete with neat wall hook.