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Wetroom Installation

  • An underlay (tray) in six sizes with a shallow drainage slope leading to a central or offset drain hole.Can be cut down.
  • A drain and pipe reducer. Tiled or Vinyl option. Priced with the underlay.
  • A membrane in either liquid, sheet (3 types) or rigid (tbb) form.
  • Frameless doors and screen 2000 high, with all hardware.
  • Lining panels for a smooth , hygienic fast installation. Eliminates grout mould growth. Either showerpanel (Formica) or hollow core
  • Fabulous Luxalon ceilings in featherweight aluminium
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 Specialist Installers 

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 Initial Planning/Suitability of your floor 

Both timber and concrete are suitable substrates for wetrooms.

A wetroom does not have to cover the entire bathroom or bedroom area. It can be restricted to a corner of a bathroom or indeed a corner of a bedroom for an en-suite. A key benefit of our system is the need to waterproof only the 'wet' area reducing costs to a third of normal levels.

Whilst a concrete floor needs only sharp projections removing, timber requires floorboards or chipboard lifting and discarding around the wet area. Lay a perimeter strip of plywood around the underlay as shown in the drawing below, all screwed at 230mm (9") centres, or reinforce the floor by overlaying with 18mm plywood screwed as before

Thinking of wall tiling? Stick a length of carpet tape on the wall and strip it off. If there is paint or plaster stuck to it the tiling will not be safe or secure so apply tile backer board or use our T+G lining panels instead.

 Cutaway floor section of wet area 

 Plan view of wet area 

The underlay perimeter lined with plywood or tbb to create the wet area (X-X-X-X)

 How to form the waterproof membrane 

  • on tbb - simply use flex tape and flex corners on all joints and wall/floor joints
  • on plywood - use Granfix tanking liquid, or BSA, MAXO or WOP membranes (see membranes)
It is optional to waterproof the whole floor and walls. It is essential to do the 'wet' area (X-X-X-X) and 150mm - 950mm up the walls.

 What sized area should be tanked/waterproofed 

To create the 'wet' area simply double the underlay area plus a bit. If the underlay is 1 sq metre, waterproof just 2 - 2.3 sq metres thus keeping costs down. A small step will be formed at the edge of the membrane as follows:

Liquid membrane 2mm thickness
BSA membrane 3mm thickness
WOP membrane 0.15mm thickness
MAXO membrane 2.15mm thickness
Marmox board (tbb) 6 - 50mm thickness

For tiling a 4mm step is easily made up by the tiling adhesive. For vinyl it has to be smooth and level so membrane the whole floor to achieve this. Overlaying the concrete or timber with Marmox tile backer board (tbb) 6, 10 or 20mm thick will form a membrane with joints and edges taped with FLEX tape.

All membranes compatible with all types of underfloor heating (UFH).

 Timber floor installation 

 Concrete floor installation 

 Installation cutaway 

Wetfloor cutaway showing stages of tanking application.

 Installing the shower drain 

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 4 stages of wetroom build using BSA membrane 

4 stages of wetroom build - stage 1
Stage 1
4 stages of wetroom build - stage 2
Stage 2 - Maxxus
4 stages of wetroom build - stage 3
Stage 3 - BSA Membrane
4 stages of wetroom build - stage 4
Stage 4 - UFH