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Design a Wetroom (Real Case Studies)

 Why Design a Wetroom? 

Wetrooms have more impact in a small bathroom because:
  • The visual bulk of the shower cubicle has gone
  • The bulky bath may also go
  • The visual link of the floor tiling across the entire floor unifies the space
  • The common obscure shower screen is replaced by a clear minimalist frameless one

In summary a fresh, open, airy ambience is achieved.

Other benefits include:
  • Electric underfloor heating (UFH) is not expensive
  • New sanitaryware
  • Fresh tiling and lighting

 A typical British bathroom 
tbb = tile backer board

 Bedroom options 
tbb = tile backer board

 In a new build with screed floor and UFH 

 How small can you go? 

 6 steps to tiny 

 Latest design suggestion 

A refreshing bathroom layout for a compact space.
Move the fixtures around to suit your own room or to avoid the entrance door.
A bigger room will translate into more clear floorspace.