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 Purus Channel Drains 

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The largest UK stockist: New to UK from reputable Swedish manufacturer. Exquisite quality & attention to detail in a solid sturdily- built channel. Gradient falls built in to the unit body. Suits Vinyl or Tiling on timber or concrete.

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For more information visit
www.purusgroup.com and www.purusline.com

Purus Line - 6 different lengths and 8 patterns
ensure thousands of different possibilities

Purus Channel Drain

Purus Line is available in 6 different lengths, from 300mm up to one metre.

The shape opens up completely new opportunities for exciting designs in the bathroom. The pattern of the grating you choose is a matter of taste.

Would you like a grating with a unique design?
Contact DIY Wetroom for assistance with your own design on the grating.

Place Purus Line where it is best needed - for example, at the edgeof the showerto prevent water running out over the bathroom floor

Purus Line Sectional Floor Examples

Cutaway showing Purus Line with concrete

Purus cutaway timber
Cutaway showing Purus Line with timber

Purus cutaway concrete

In a wooden beam floor with tiles against a wall

Purus sectional

In a concrete floor with tiles against a wall

Purus sectional

In a wooden beam floor with membrane and extension as door channel

Purus sectional

In a concrete floor with tiles and membrane

Purus sectional

Purus Tile Insert Drain

Purus Corner Drain

290 X 290 X 410 (315 X 315 X 440 - over all)

Ultra – high flow rate 60 lit. per min. Patented NOOD trap does not rely on water seal. Eliminates back-flow & smells should a trap dry up.
Vinyl or tiling version. Choice of 7 grid tops or tile insert version pictured.

NEW: Shallow NOOD Drain for Purus

For Purusline, shallow (52mm) Nood. For installation into shallow restricted floor cavities.
Please note standard NOOD 105 mm deep.
Flows 30 litre per min.

NOOD Drain for Purus
NOOD Drain for Purus NOOD Drain for Purus

Centre Linear Board

Purus, the leading Swedish manufacturer of drainage and plumbing products for wetrooms, has launched a simple to install pre-formed tileable or vinyl covered base for wetroom showers to complement its range of linear wetroom drains.

The base, known as the Purus Centre Linear Kit, has been designed to provide a waterproof and easy to install wetroom base with a gradient which ensures water will not overflow into the wetroom.

The base is designed to be fitted with a waterproof membrane and comes with easy installation instructions.

Purus wetroom drains are available in a variety of horizontal, circular and square formats to meet most wet room requirements. The surface strainer comes in different horizontal lengths. All the drains in the range can remove up to 1.2 litres of water per second.

Purus floor drains have been designed to meet the exacting requirements for design, functionality and safety and comply with the British Board of Agrément standards. Trends in bathrooms have seen more people installing wetrooms as a contemporary stylish feature.
  • Only 18mm thick.
  • Can be placed on top of existing floorboards or concrete or lowered onto joists, but underboarding between joists required for support.

  • Centre Linear Board
    Tiled Centre Linear Board
    Tiled Centre Linear Board
    Tiled Centre Linear Board
    Untiled Centre Linear Board
    Untiled Centre Linear Board
    Centre Linear Board

    Purus Living Linear for Tiles

    A budget version of the classic Purusline Channel Drain with a plastic body

    Lengths 600 and 800mm only currently.

    NOOD gulley options

    • Low 52mm (side outlet)
    • Deep 105mm (end, parallel outlet)
    • Deep 105mm (side outlet)

    Grating options - Twist, Drop, Tile Insert

    For cutting edge performance, efficiency and style.

    Enjoy a contemporary on-trend wetroom aesthetic.

    • Suits timber or concrete floors
    • Level access (no step) tiled finish for mosaic or larger format
    • 30 tons per sq metre density load bearing
    • 30 lit/min or 60 lit/min fast-flow drain gulley
    • Grating choice of Twist, Drop or Tile insert
    • 22mm thickness
    • DIY or professional installation
    • Very simple tanking kit covers 7ms (see below)
    • Purus Living Linear instructions


    Living Linear Channel Drain
    Living Linear shown with Drop Grid


    Sizes available (see below): 850 x 850mm, 900 x 1200mm, 900 x 1500mm, 1000 x 1600mm
    Linear 850x850 Linear 900x1200 Linear 900x1500 Linear 1000x1600

    Channel Drain and Floor Former Kits

    Living Linear Kit

    Living Linear Wet Tray Kit Grey
    Centre Linear Kit Black

    Centre Linear Kit Black

    Wedge-Dek for Purus

    Baseboard solution to achieve wetfloor gradient for water drainage.
    Wedge Dek

    • Use on timber, steel or concrete floors
    • Thickness 19mm rising to 27mm
    • Purus line may be parallel or 90 degrees to joists
    • Includes Purus Line, NOOD and adhesive.
    • Wedge-Dek can be placed back-to-back to make up a larger wetfloor area

    Wedge Dek Slope

    Available in the following sizes:
    Wedge Dek Sizes
    Wedge Dek Side and Top Elevations

    Maxxus Channel Deck

    Maxxus Channel Includes Purusline and grating.

    Immensely strong 22mm deck spans joists, unsupported.
    Purusline locks into place without support legs used by others.
    Fast 1 hour install, can be reduced in size.
    Gradient runs to the edge without a flat border.
  • For Tiling (vinyl with appropriate Purusline)
  • Length of Purusline 800mm
  • Choice of 8 Gratings
  • New shallow (52mm) Nood gulley optional for minimal intrusion into floor space

  • Maxxus Channel 1200 x 900 Maxxus Channel 1200 x 1200


    Universal gradient system suitable for any brand of channel drain.
  • Perfect for timber or concrete floors.
  • Flexible grading compound will trowel off to nothing.
  • MegaDek
    Kit includes 4 tapers 1200mm long graded 9mm to 2mm (can be cut to length), 25k X-Plan Primer with levelling batten.
    Maximum area 2500 x 1330mm.

    Purus Floor gully miniMAX

    Floor gully and outlet with extra low profile

    PURUS miniMAX has extra low profile - 70mm - and a special designed water trap with NODD-function. The gully can be dried out, but no foul air comes up through the gully because the spring-loaded trap keeps closed.

    The water trap is easily removed by pulling up with the automatically raised handle.

    The miniMAX works as an outlet without the water trap.
    • Diameter below bottom of the deck 140mm
    • Projection below bottom of the deck 63mm
    Make a new look in your bathroom
    with a design grating on the floor gully.
    Available in 2 patterns and 2 sizes

    Drop Style Mini Grill
    Art-Deco Style Mini Grill

    Designer Grid Extra Cost Upgrade
    *Special Offer £37 each*

    Designers Grids

    Designer Grids - 316 grade stainless steel polished finish will not harbour grime and algae unlike brushed finish. Compatible with Underlay and Maxxus

     ACO Channel Drain for Tile or Vinyl 

    ACO Shower Drain ACO Drains offer a designer aesthetic & flexibility of location.
    Can be positioned mid-floor or at the edge of a wetfloor against a wall.
    For concrete (or timber with skill and care)

    Six lengths and 4 grid patterns.

    Width of 80mm, depth of unit 30mm.

    Lengths: 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1200

    ACO Channel Drains
    Designed for seamless integration and enduring good looks.
    Create a barrier-free shower environment without the restrictions of conventional products.
    Stainless Steel with plastic drain trap.

    ACO Modular Channels
    2mts. to 100mts for sports facilities, communal washrooms and swimming pool surrounds. High capacity stainless steel drain and heel safe gratings.

    Commercial ACO Channel Drain
    ACO Modular system for swimming pool surrounds, sports facilities, communal changing rooms, breweries, kitchens.

    Click here for Modular and Commercial brochure

     Channel drain 

    Channel drain for edge of wetflloor drainage (concrete floor only)

    Custom–made channels with adjustable feet 800mm to 6 mts. Long. With or without wall upstand. Choice of 2 grid patterns.

     Corner Drain 

    An all-stainless steel unit with Top-access trap for easy cleaning. Revolving 360 degree outlet pipe (50mm) for easy waste pipe connection. Perfect match for diagonal tiling.
    Long side 272mm, depth 120-150mm (adj.spigot in rubber socket).


    To suit Purus Corner Drain.
    • A floor former with a compound gradient (2 directions) towards the corner of the room
    • Needs supporting on a concrete floor or underboarding with plywood on a joist floor
    • Size 1200 x 1200 x 33 - can be cut down
    • Price £448 including Purus drain (or see order form page)
    • Just add Granfix Kit £79 to complete